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Hi I'm Sean, and I like Neutral Milk Hotel

Take me out to the black
Tell em i aint comin back


Sail the Sky - Bedlam Bards (written by Brandon Klassen)

With all my fears and sorrows close
I’m hanging on—just hanging on
I wish that you were here with me
To sail the sky Serenity

And take me high or take me low
Through to the end where I may go
If I can stand, then I shall pass
Pass beyond this night of black
Pass beyond this night of black

How many words did you impart
While I chose to close my heart
And unto God you made this plea
Safe sail the sky Serenity

If just once more we dance in light
Or trace our tears through one more fight
What could I say to set you free?
But sail the sky Serenity

As stars burn bright and rise the dawn
So our paths must journey on
We lose not hope in family
Still sail the sky Serenity


Sometimes I’m the Al Gore of my social circle,

the unelected, the second best

and very rarely, I’m a real fuckin’ pushover

sleepin’ in ‘til 10 am has never felt better

i’m just a bedpunk, makin’ the most of my last summer

(via nustjick)

Im fighting a war on 3 fronts. Its impossible, and so consuming.
Too much too much

Im so tired

I don’t want a tragic backstory. Ew


Appreciate and respect the quietude of others.