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Hi I'm Sean, and I like Neutral Milk Hotel

Aubrey Plaza in a bath. DOUBLE YES PLEASE.

Look at these adorable Neutral Milk Hotel baseball cards!



sucking too hard on your lollipop, oh, love’s gonna get you down!

Say love!

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"Growing sleepy as the rain falls 
As children draped in flowers form a chain 
They sing a song with jelly jars and bird calls 
As night falls into dust and it’s day again” #sky #cliche #nmh #jeffmangumforpresident (at Everything Is)

Neutral Milk Hotel was amazing + Sean met Julian and I gave him a friendship bracelet!
The Neutral Milk Hotel concert was amazing, there was so much emotion and energy. Also Julian signed a card from one of my records! He is so amazing and sweet.


i wanna get better // bleachers

"i didn’t know i was lonely til i saw your face"

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I love how your heart beats
whenever I hold you.
I love how you think of me
without being told to.
I love the way your kiss
is always heavenly. 
But darlin’ most of all
I love how you love me.

You are a liar.

You are a liar.

You are a liar and you are a lie.

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